How to start a cryptocurrency trading website with minimal cost ?

Are you interested to start your own cryptocurrency exchange website, but don’t know how to start? What are the security features that will need to build? Well, This article clarifies all your mind-blowing doubts.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange website?

In the cryptocurrency exchange website where the user can buy, sell cryptocurrencies for other traditional currency like US dollars or Euro. 

Types of bitcoin exchanges platform

Peer to peer crypto exchange: In P2P exchanges buyers and sellers trade directly without a third party to process their trades. When the is a problem between two parties the escrow will take dispute resolutions.

Centralized exchange platforms: You can buy a cryptocurrency using fiat currency or crypto to crypto model. The whole transaction can be handled through the third person or site admin. 

Decentralized exchange website: A decentralized exchange platform where the people can buy and sell the crypto without any intermediary person and help of smart contracts.
Now, I think you can understand what is a crypto exchange and its type.

Did you want to build any type of cryptocurrency exchange website?

Sellbitbuy is a cryptocurrency exchange website development company that provides the cryptocurrency exchange script for the entrepreneur who are ready to kick start a bitcoin exchange business abruptly.

What are the security features except in our crypto exchange software?

Fast trade match engines
Multiple cryptocurrency wallet integrations
Two factors authenticated 
KYC/AML integration
Automated Trading Bot
Crypto live price

Some special add-ons come through our premium crypto trading script 

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